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District School Board Ontario North East. Celebrating Pride Month. Pride Month T-Shirt Contest Finalist. Grade 7 Student. Iroquois Falls Secondary School. At DSB1 you are: Loved Worthy Enough.

Pride Month

My uncle is gay and pride month gives him a month where he can be himself and other people are there to support him as well as no one will judge him.” – Grade 7 student, Iroquois Falls Secondary School
School Crossing Guard Appreciation Week. June 5th - 9th. Thank you to all our school crossing guards for helping keep our community safe! Print a Thank You card for your favourite crossing guard at https://otc.org/school-crossing-guard Ontario Traffic Council www.otc.org

School Crossing Guard Appreciation Week

We join our communities in expressing gratitude for the dedication of all school crossing guards in their crucial role. Thank you for your commitment to keeping students safe across Ontario and within our DSB1 regions.

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District School Board Ontario North East.

Literacy Read Alouds

Today we are pleased to focus on literacy and the importance of read alouds. Read alouds are a valuable tool that helps students develop their vocabulary, active listening skills and make sense of the world.

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June 2023. National Indigenous History Month. Honouring the history, heritage, and diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada. District School Board Ontario North East.

National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month which recognizes the history, heritage, contributions, and diversity of Indigenous peoples.
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Tune in to DSB1's Board Meeting Live on YouTube

DSB1 Board Meeting

The DSB1 Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 6, beginning at 6:15 p.m., will showcase the June 2023 Strategic Plan Vignette and a presentation on Graduation Rates. For the complete agenda, visit the “Board Meetings & Minutes” under “Board Info” using the navigation menu at www.dsb1.ca

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About Our School

Principal: David Cyr
In 2013, Hearst High School students moved into the Clayton Brown Public School building, creating a new JK-12 facility, under the same roof owned by DSB1. Part of the school was renovated to meet the needs of high school students, with a new science lab, a student lounge, construction technology shop and cooking classroom.